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Nithil Jose

Nithil Jose is the visionary CEO of XTAPPS, a multinational software development firm renowned for its innovative mobile and web applications. Growing up in a small village and completing his education in a small town in South India, Nithil's journey is a testament to his dedication and drive. He holds a degree in Computer Science, and his expertise spans business strategy, key alliances, strategic partnerships, capacity growth, and process initiatives.

Before founding XTAPPS, Nithil excelled as a developer, team lead, and project manager for several multinational companies. His technical proficiency includes software product engineering, SaaS/cloud application development, AWS/cloud infrastructure management, and mobile app development. He also specializes in startup consulting, digital marketing, and business development, making him a multifaceted leader in the tech industry.

Under Nithil's leadership, XTAPPS has grown into a multinational company with multiple locations worldwide and employs more than 30 staff across the globe. A proud Rotarian, Nithil served as a director in one of the esteemed chapters in Cochin, India, before relocating to the US. Outside of work, he is dedicated to advancing tech knowledge and lifelong learning.

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